Adding/Editing Student Profiles

To Manually enter students in TAPPSter
Only those given the ability to EDIT Student Profiles may make changes to user profiles. Your school administrator may assign access to Edit Studdent profiles.

To ADD a new Student Profile
Login to
Click Student link
Click Green Plus Sign at the top left of the screen
Enter required data

  • First
  • Last name
  • Choose Male or Female
  • Birth Date
  • Grade Level
  • Email or User ID - for student login
  • Password- for student login
Parent or Guardian Information: 
  • not required in TAPPSter
  • Select all activities the student will participate.  Activities may be added throughout the year.  Selecting here will add the student to the roster for ENTRIES

Click SAVE at the top. 

TO EDIT A STUDENT PROFILE (Only those with access to edit Student Profiles may make changes.)
Click the Student Name
Edit any information necessary
Click Save at the top.
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