Golf Student Test Instructions 

* All Golf students will need to complete their testing requirement before registering as a Golf participant.
* Before golf students may test, their TAPPSter Student profile must be updated by the Athletic Director or school personnel whom has access to EDIT Students to include a login id and password.

Setting Up Student Profiles- to be completed by AD or other school personnel with EDIT STUDENT access. .

1. In TAPPSter, Click STUDENT link
2. Click a Student Name
3. Click the black section with student name.
4. Enter Student's email address to be used as their login ID. If no email address, you may choose a unique login ID.
5. Enter a password. Password should NOT be generic to all students.
6. Proceed editing student profile: Red Activities section- select GOLF, Blue Eligibility Section- Check the Ack of Rules box, then save.

Student Testing Instructions- to be completed by Student

1. Log in to with ID and Password listed on Student Profile.
2. Click Testing
3. Click the Paper Icon for the Golf Test
4. Answer questions until the test is complete.

If grade is below 70%, students may repeat the test.
Creation date: 1/6/2017 5:03 PM     Updated: 1/12/2017 7:27 PM