Cross Country TAPPSter Entries Instructions

Cross Country TAPPSter Instructions

Student Entries
Login to TAPPSter
Click on Entries
Click on Boys Cross Country / Girls Cross Country (separately for each meet)
Click RUNNER for at most 7 runners (only those listed on the eligibility form will appear). Alternate should NOT be marked as RUNNER.
If more than 4 runners are entered, a Chute Worker should be designated.

Click Save
At this time you will see a NO in the registered column.
It will change to Registered—YES once the TAPPS office has added the entries to the state meet.
Substitutions of alternates can be made at the championship meet until 30 minutes prior to posted race start time.

Chute worker signup
Each school entering a team (5, 6, or 7 student entries) in a championship race must provide at least one person to assist students after the completion of the race and through the chute.

Meet Fee Sheet
Fee forms will not generate until entries after the entry deadline for the event shown on the TAPPS calendar.
Login to TAPPSter
Click on Meets
Click on your meet (District, Region, or State)
Click on Meet Fee Form (you may have to scroll down)
Click Print
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